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Rates & Policies


 2024 Rates

  • All rates are based on 2 people per room.
  • Taxes are extra.
  • $20 per additional person per room per night where additional room occupancy allows.
  • Children under 8 stay free in rooms where room occupancy allows.
  • Children above 8 are subject to the additional person fee as room occupancy allows.


RATES: Anchor Inn HotelAnchor Inn AnnexHodge Premises -Inn Alphabet Fleet Inn B&B

 2024 Rates: Anchor Inn Hotel Rooms

Room Type
                 Ocean View
 Max. Guests
2 Double Beds                      No        4 $169.00
Queen Bed                      No        2 $179.00
Queen Bed                      Yes        2 $189.00
Queen + Double Bed                      Yes        4 $199.00
King Bed                      Yes        2 $209.00

2024 Rates: Anchor Inn – Annex Building

Suites have one bedroom with a king bed, a small, fully equipped kitchen, and a small living area with a queen bed and bathroom.
Rooms have either a queen bed or a queen and double bed, bathroom, microwave and fridge.

Room Type
  Ocean View
  Max. Guests
1 Bedroom Queen Suite      No         2 $209.00
1 Bedroom Queen Suite      Yes         2 $219.00
Queen Bed      No         2 $169.00
Queen Bed      Yes         2 $179.00
Queen + Double Bed      No         4 $179.00
Queen + Double Bed      Yes         4 $189.00

2024 Rates: Hodge Premises Inn

                 Ocean View
 Max. Guests
King Bed (Upstairs)                      Yes        2 $329 – $389
King Bed (External Entrance)                      Yes        2 $429.00

2024 Rates: Alphabet Fleet Inn B & B

Room Type
  Ocean View
 Max. Guests
Queen Room Small                     No        2 $160.00*
Queen Room Large                     No        2 $170.00*
Queen + Double Bed                     No        4 $180.00*
 * Continental Breakfast Included


Rates and Occupancy

  • All rates are based on up to double occupancy.
  • Where occupancy allows additional people is at $20 per person per night.


  • Cancellations have to be received more than 72 hours before 3 pm check-in.
  • Cancellation in less than 72 hours or non-arrival will be billed at the standard rate.


  • Check-in time is 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
    Please call 1-800-450-3950 to notify us if you plan to arrive later.
  • Check-out time is 10:30 am


  • Our premises are smoke-free and vape-free.  For the health of guests and staff, no smoking or vaping is permitted inside the building or rooms. Smoking or vaping anywhere in a building or a room will result in a $250 smoke sanitation fee. In accordance with Newfoundland and Labrador regulations, there is no smoking or vaping permitted within 15 meters of any entrance to any public building.


  • Our properties currently do not accommodate pets.

Quiet Policy

  • In order to help us ensure everyone’s rest and relaxation, all properties enforce quiet hours from 11
    p.m. – 7 a.m. During this time only registered guests are allowed in rooms and suites.
    Gatherings and parties in any of our rooms and suites are not permitted.