Meeting with giants is just the tip of the iceberg.

Galleries & Shops

Experience the flavour of local arts and crafts where every stitch or stroke tells a part of the story of Twillingate.

The true art of this island, is however in the crafts that are not in galleries. Look out for Newfoundland crazy quilts or for exquisite hand-knitted items such as sweaters, mittens, hats or vamps (knitted socks).

Blue Barrel Gallery

The Anchor Inn Hotel, at 3 Path End, is home to the Blue Barrel Gallery where original art and reproductions on canvas and art cards are available. Browse a selection of unique Newfoundland craft and artisan food items. Perfect spot to find a piece of Twillingate or a special gift to take home. When you are there, stay a while, have a coffee and a scone with friends and enjoy the free wi-fi.

Driftwood Gallery

Ted Stuckless is a well-known artist who operates from the Driftwood Gallery on Main Street, where you’ll find paintings and art reproductions. Ted is known for his photo realistic portrayal of historic Twillingate. In Captain’s Pub you’ll find a life-sized earlier work of Ted’s installed on the wall.

Museum Gift Shops

A traditional Newfoundland crazy quilt hangs on the line to dry.

A traditional Newfoundland crazy quilt hangs on the line to dry.

When visiting Twillingate Museum and Durrell Museum, browse their craft shops for unique hand-made crafts, jams, books and more. If you are looking for an authentic pair of locally knitted “vamps” (socks) or “double ball mitts” (mittens), this is a good place to start.

Crow’s Nest Café

On the way to Long Point Lighthouse in Crowhead you’ll drive past this lovely café that also sells a selection of Newfoundland art reproductions and cards as well as small gifts. The ocean view from this spot is unsurpassed!

Artisan Market

The market, located in historic downtown Twillingate next to the Sunshine Inn, offers guest services and handcrafted gifts created by Newfoundland and Labrador’s most talented Artisans.

Iceberg Shop

Iceberg Man Boat Tours on Twillingate’s southside is the location of this well-established gift shop.  It has a good selection of apparel, knitwear, crafts and gifts.  And why not book a boat tour with Twillingate’s original Iceberg Man, while you are there!

Earth and Sky Healing Centre & Gallery

Located next to the Driftwood Gallery on Main Street on Twillingate’s northside, this gallery offers a mix of unique crafts and gifts with occasional workshops and activities focused on spiritual healing.

Auk Island Winery

Located in the original Durrell Academy building, the Auk Island Winery and Downhome Gift Shoppe is a lovely spot to look for gifts, apparel and authentic Newfoundland fruit wines.