Meeting with giants is just the tip of the iceberg.


Pebble Beaches

Basking in the sun on French Beach in Durrell.

Basking in the sun on French Beach

If you are looking for long sandy beaches, this is likely not the place!  In stead, what you’ll find are pebbly treasure troves of shells, sea urchins, a kaleidoscope of pebbles and sea glass. During iceberg season you may find washed up bergy bits that are perfect to store in the freezer and add to summer drinks.

Children will never be bored with the many safe beaches to explore and the many hiking trails that abound.

Enjoy a Bonfire

A beach fire is one of summer’s highlights with marshmallows on a stick and flames dancing in the spectators’ eyes. Make sure there are no signs prohibiting beach fires in the area before you pile your driftwood up.

Some of the well-known beaches are in Sleepy Cove, Back Harbour, at the Arches at the end of the Little Harbour hike and the Sellens Cove beach at the end of the road behind the Twillingate museum. Wild Cove and Little Wild Cove have stretched out beaches with great views and on the opposite side in Hart’s Cove you may find a sandy spot or two on the beach.

French Beach is lovely long secluded beach and on Southside, next to the Seaside Variety store is a beach frequented by sea glass hunters!

A New Face for Winter

During winter the coves freeze and you may see the locals walk across the ice, or ice fish. Don’t follow unless you know the area well and are sure it is safe.

During spring when the ice breaks up, you may even see local children skipping from ice pan to ice pan – also called “copying pans”. Beware of falling in during winter because ocean temperatures are so low, that  staying in the water for any amount of time can be life threatening.