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Lower Little Harbour Trail – Rockcut Trails, Twillingate


Hike to the Natural Arch in Little Harbour, Twillingate

Natural Arch in Little Harbour

A great 4.5 km loop with amazing coastline from Lower Little Harbour to the  beaches in Jones’ Cove. Level: Moderate/Difficult

See the remains of a resettled community with old root cellars left to tell the story. (Watch out for the Keefe’s root cellar that is well marked)

The Natural Arch along the way is a well-known hiking landmark and Jones Cove has a beautiful secluded beach.

The hike to the Natural Arch is an easy hike well suited to family hiking. Hike out to the Arch and turn around, following the same trail. If you continue the hike to Jones’ Cove it can be a bit more difficult.

The trailhead begins in Little Harbour and is well marked, across from the old church.