Meeting with giants is just the tip of the iceberg.

French Head to Spiller’s Cove to Codjacks Cove

Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Difficulty Level: moderate

You can join the hike at Spiller’s Cove at the end of Slade’s Lane for a shorter hike. Alternatively, drive along Main Street and continue on this road until you reach a dead end close to French Head and look for the trail sign.

A short version of this hike is from the start at the parking area down to French beach and back (about 15 minutes to the beach)

From here an unpaved path continues, so start your hike here from where the hike to French Beach will take about 15 minutes. From the beach, veer to the right, uphill, to follow the trail over French Head and along the coastline to Spiller’s Cove.

Watch for the unusual rock formations such as the Cobra Rock as you continue on to our right through a small valley. The rock formations along the way are alive with imagined creatures.

Along the hike there are many side trails that lead to exquisite views of the rugged coastline.